Law Firms Developing Strong Online Reputation and Other Businesses Can Learn From the Strategy

According to the JD Journal, law firms are utilizing content marketing to establish them as experts in their industry. They create blog posts about topics of relevance to their audiences, showcasing their knowledge on hot issues. This strategy can serve companies in all industries, according to Arman Sadeghi of Titanium Success.

Content marketing has become one of the most successful and used methods of marketing for companies in every industry. Creating content of value to the customer helps develop the brand reputation of the business while providing answers the reader is looking for. As Arman says in his article, Why You need to Become an Industry Expert and How To Do It, companies must use their knowledge to inform and educate consumers. Arman calls it educational marketing, defining it as “providing people with valuable information and establishing yourself as an expert in your industry.”

providing people with valuable information and establishing yourself as an expert in your industry."

Arman Sadeghi, Peak Performance Coach, Speaker

Arman goes on to explain that business owners must learn how to develop that image by writing articles on the topics relevant to their customers. He also suggests speaking at conferences and seminars or other events. Writing a book allows the person to provide even more information and continue to build their reputation.

A company creating content doesn’t have to go in-depth on complex topics within the industry. In fact, they are advised to avoid industry language and complicated terms and speak instead in layman’s wording. They can stick with one or two basic topics for an article that is most relevant to the client who would be looking for information.

Arman uses the example of a dry cleaner in his podcast on the subject. A dry cleaner could write an article about how to clean a certain type of fabric, which would help people looking for information about what to do for a spill or stain on the material. When the person is ready to take their clothing to a dry cleaning store, they will remember the one that provided the information.

People today do much of their research online when they have a problem or question or when they want to find out about a product or service. Companies that provide information which is helpful to the researching public will be remembered when they are ready to take the next step.

It doesn’t matter what industry the company is in; this process works for every type of business. Once a company establishes itself as an industry expert, it will find customers coming to them and even referring others who need the same kind of help. Educational marketing is the current trend and the wave of the future.



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